A Net Zero Carbon Roadmap for Edinburgh published

Mon, 12/07/2020 - 09:33


A Net Zero Carbon Roadmap for Edinburgh

The Place-based Climate Action Network has released the final version of its Net Zero Carbon Roadmap for Edinburgh.

Using economic modelling, the Roadmap shows how Edinburgh can accelerate towards Net Zero emissions by 2030 by making changes to its housing, buildings, transport and industry.

It also quantifies the financial and carbon benefits of intervening in these four key areas.


Working together to bring change

The Carbon Roadmap highlights that the City of Edinburgh Council alone cannot deliver on the city’s Net Zero ambitions.

Instead, it stresses that to achieve the reduction in emissions, the public, private and third sector will have to work together.

To support this, the City of Edinburgh and ECCI have established the Edinburgh Climate Commission, an independent body challenging and supporting the city on its climate ambitions. This was approved by the city’s elected members as a response to the draft version of this report.

Citizens will also need to be engaged and empowered on the issue of climate change.


Establishing the scale of the challenge

Speaking about the new Roadmap, Professor Dave Reay, Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, and member of the Edinburgh Climate Commission said:

Setting a net zero target is the easy part; planning how to reach it and delivering on that plan is the tough bit”.

"In this Net Zero roadmap the scale of the challenge for Edinburgh is made clear. But, so too are the myriad actions that are possible”.

“Many bring falling emissions alongside safer streets, new jobs and warmer homes. They speak to the diversity of our city and the keystone to success is collaboration across and within our communities”.

"After a bleak year of being forced apart by Covid-19, we now have a crucial opportunity to come together on climate”.


Mapping Edinburgh’s journey to Net Zero

Edinburgh’s ambitious Net Zero target will need change from every area of city life and business.

However, the transition to a cleaner, greener city also brings huge opportunities to improve health, wealth and well-being of Edinburgh’s citizens. 

Realising these opportunities has become even more important as the capital seeks to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.


If you would like to share thoughts or feedback on the Carbon Roadmap, please email pcan@ed.ac.uk.  

You can also join the conversation on climate change in Edinburgh at Edinburgh Talks Climate.