Edinburgh Trams: Signing the Edinburgh Climate Compact provides a pathway to sustainable transport

Mon, 10/04/2021 - 09:19

Joining the Edinburgh Climate Compact sets out a clear framework of key areas within our business where we can take positive action, enabling us to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and build a greener future.

Becoming a Compact signatory also allows us to be part of a collective of like-minded organisations, who lead by example and manage the emissions generated by our operations and estates.

Opportunity for Edinburgh Trams

A sustainable transport system must provide mobility and accessibility to all urban citizens in a safe environment. The net-zero target is an opportunity for Edinburgh Trams to outline the immediate practical actions that must be undertaken in achieving this goal.

With the implementation of Trams to Newhaven, we will be able to further meet the requirements of Edinburgh’s residents while providing an environmentally friendly option.

Taking ownership

We understand that some of the activities required for the operation of our tramway can significantly impact on the environment. At Edinburgh Trams we are taking ownership of both the problems and solutions to ensure our future health and wellbeing.

We have already put in place measures to support this:

  • The energy that powers our trams comes from a low carbon emission supplier.
  • We work closely with our waste management contractor to maximise recycling for our customers and colleagues.
  • We have a water harvesting system at our depot which reuses rainwater to wash our fleet of trams. With our output water being tested on a regular basis, to ensure no harmful chemicals enter the environment.

We all have an essential role in adopting a greener lifestyle. The current climate crisis urges us to work together to invest in a better future for our city. 


By Neil Booth, Safety Manager (Environment), Edinburgh Trams